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Die Frösche des Jungle vom Ecuadorguide

Experience Ecuador individually with Vinicio Ortiz

I am lucky to have grown up in a country that has innumerable natural spectacles to offer and can show them to you. There is no better profession for me!

Entspannung einer Schildkröte

Would you like to travel to Ecuador individually?  

My team and I are at your disposal with our extensive experience and advice on the choice of destination.

- Driving service and travel guide during your round trip
- Complete organization of the trip
- and much more

Discover with me the Galapagos Islands

Let yourself be amazed by the animal inhabitants of the islands, because the animals are not shy, pose every now and then for a photo and partly come to you that the 2 m distance pretended by the park administration cannot always be kept. Many animal species can only be found in this unique natural paradise. 13 main islands with innumerable small islands form this special archipelago.
Visitors who have travelled the whole world told me that they have never seen such an animal world with so many so relaxed animals. to the Gallery...

Ein junger Tölpel entdeckt die Welt
Surfer am Strand

The Mysterious Jungle

Amazonia, is called by the locals this huge area. Indigenous peoples settle along the river banks. Some very comfortable jungle lodges can be found in the most remote areas. The combination of exquisite service and at the same time preservation of the originality of the rainforest decelerates and leads very quickly to the desired recreation. My nose for hiding animals is used here correctly. to the Gallery...

The unexplored coast

So far the coast and there especially the north coast is visited only few by tourists.  A paradise for surfers and individualists. to the gallery...
Affe im Baum

The Highlands and the Andes

The Andes are with 7000 km one of the longest mountain ranges of our earth. They run along the west coast of South America and separate the jungle of Ecuador through the central highlands from the coastal region. Fire and ice create myths and mythical creatures, volcanoes but also grassy plateaus and a huge range of green tones will amaze you. You will have the opportunity to visit Indio peoples, experience Ecuadorian everyday life, enjoy hikes to lonely regions in magnificent scenery, picturesque artisan markets, or visit a rose farm. Alternatively, you can experience how Ecuadorian chocolate is produced on one of the cocoa farms. Or what do you think of a riding trip?

With the Tren Cruzero, railway enthusiasts can experience one of the most spectacular railway lines in the world. They zigzag down the mountain slope around the Devil's Nose.
The volcano road takes you past the majestic mountains, which are prepared like a leash. to the gallery...

Comments of our guests

Lutz from Frankfurt writes: Vinicio is a very competent guide, who has made us aware of many of our undiscovered animals, conditions and special places. Without him the journey would have been only half as exciting. Now we feel rewarded by his rich knowledge.   

Anette from Hamburg: With Vinicio, we had a friendly, helpful guide who accompanied us unobtrusively, but was always at our side at the important moment. There was no question that he could not answer with much expert knowledge.

Lisa and Margarita from Switzerland: Vinicio was our guide during a 3-week Ecuador tour including Galapagos in 2017. He speaks fluent German and 4 other languages.
We appreciated his friendly and pleasant nature, his patience with the guests and his great knowledge about his home country Ecuador, especially about flora and fauna. He has even written a book about Amazon legends in Spanish and English. Thank you, dear Vinicio, for the wonderful, interesting trip under your guidance.

Andrea and Peter from Münster: We had no time to plan our trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. A short mail contact was enough to clarify exactly the areas that were important for us. We had a perfectly organized trip and got a deep insight into the culture of Ecuador. Thank you Vinicio for all these great experiences.
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majesätisches Fregattvogelweibchen
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Info and contact

With my KIA Sportage I undertake tours up to max. 3 guests. Suitable cars are available for larger groups.
Get in contact with me:
Vinicio Ortiz
Av. Jorge Perez Concha N66-185 y Cerezos.
Quito, Ecuador

WhatsApp:     +593.997886114
Mail:                 info@ecuador-guide.com
oder              vinicio@europe.com
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